Smobile for Craigslist

Smobile for Craigslist

By Qibing Yu

  • الفئة: Shopping
  • تاريخ النشر: 2014-11-13
  • الأصدار الحالي: 4.4
  • تقييم الكبار: 4+
  • حجم التطبيق: 11.88 MB
  • مطور: Qibing Yu
  • التوافق: يتطلب أصدار iOS 9.0 أو أحدث .
التقييم: 3.42963
من 135 التقييمات

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*Supports iPad Pro Customer Quotes: This is the best application for craigslist I've experienced on iPhone by rpaulmerrell Jan/11,2013 The application works great with VoiceOver and reads quite nicely on the iPhone.if you are blind or visually impaired and need reliable access to crags list, this application is all you need. Wow by Biggwappz Dec/29/2012 What a great app, type what ur looking for and you get the listings with small pics on the side,way better then the computer site. And if u want to want the person it quickly integrates with ur email app. Best CL App for iPhone by Tscheu - Dec/19/2012 So far this is easily the best free Craig's list app I have found for my iPhone. Simple to use and easy to read. Everything you want is in this App. I've tried them all and this one takes the cake. Simply works! by Kitihawk2 - Dec/17/2012 Simple to use, and very stable. Exactly that I want out of a Craigslist App. Works great by Crickett925 - Dec/15/2012 Good App! I like how it tells you how long ago the ad posted. I have another Craigslist App that had been using, and I like this one much better. Everything works so far, which is more than I can say for the other CL Apps but there. Craigslist app brings Craigslist to your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, it makes browsing and posting Craigslist items at your fingertips,Craigslist anytime,anywhere. Features: **General**: • App is officially licensed from craigslist • Small binary size,Great performance, and very stable. • Simple,Clear, and intuitive design. • Support iPhone 5. • One Universal App supports iPhone,iPod touch, and iPad. • Locate your nearest Craigslist cities according to your GPS or zip code. • Pick location from your recent selected cities. • Be able to change font size. • Works great with VoiceOver and reads nicely. • And much more…. **Search/Browser**: • Support multi-location search, (be able to search whole state) • Time since post Label • Read/Unread indicator for items. • Detailed Filter function according to categories. • Support multi-Neighborhood Filter. • Support Original Web Post and Map view. • Integrated with iOS email/SMS/Phone to respond to posters or forward to your friends. • Detect the phone number automatically and call the number with single click. • Integrated with iOS Map App to get the directions. • Automatically add posts you responded to your favorites • View the location on the map. • View detail address on the map for posting which has address. • Pinch and zoom the pictures in the post. • Full down to refresh. • Click and Hold picture to save picture. • Easily add/remove item to/from your favorites. • Save your frequent searches and recall them with one tap. **POST** • Similar way as Facebook to attach multi-pictures for your post. • Smart Algorithms to Post items directly from the App. • Support all categories for posting. • Craigslist Account Manager (Sign up a new account,Login,Logout,My Posts). • Post without an account. • Secure password strategy for preventing account hijack. There are two versions for this App, Free version is supported by iAd. Free feel to contact us through in-App setting.

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  • By owner

    By blueeyes1632
    Way too many dealers are posting under the category of “by owner”. There are too many multiple posts of the same posts, often for weeks. Does Craig list have ANYBODY monitoring their site. All this just devalues the site.
  • James

    By snakie snake...fishbrain
    I just downloaded the app twenty minutes ago but what I’ve seen so far I can delete “letgo”.
  • I Can’t login

    By fakesprofiles
    Login bug from the App. I update it and is doing the same.
  • Good but needs work

    By BrettStid
    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change my location. I don’t want to give access to my location or my gps, but a search of zip codes gives no results and it displays the wrong city and posts to the wrong city with seemingly no way to modify it. I like the results and layout and it’s way easier than getting a computer, but I NEED to change my location or it’s worthless.
  • Works, but could be better.

    By Madcitybikes
    Pro: First, I’ll say at least this app would let log into my CL account and post a listing. I installed 4 or 5 others that wouldn’t let me do that. Cons: I posted twice in the first 2 days. Both times my listing went to the wrong category. It went to the one below the one I chose. I thought it was my error, but I was careful the second time. Also, there’s no app interface for posting. I don’t see the benefit of using the app for posting.
  • Problem

    By Getting fed up!
    Very poor when it comes to contacting. No contact information. And cannot even go thru Craig list to reach sellers. Do the sellers know that no can reach them.
  • Filter is non existent

    By TuetonicTitanic
    If you can’t filter, by something as simple as title only, it’s not useful
  • Ahpoolman always

    By ahpoolman
    Great place best for every thing
  • Filtering issues

    By User 19373653467
    What gets shown and in which order from a filter is seriously flawed. I posted for a “12 foot utility trailer”. I wanted to check to be sure it got posted. I used this app to try and find my post. I searched exactly “12 foot utility trailer” and hundreds of posts that didn’t even have that phrase came up before mine.
  • It’s just fair.

    By okred03bird
    Too much junk added to the searched page. A ridiculous amount of useless pop up crap!!!!!