By Bradley Mackey

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  • تاريخ النشر: 2020-03-11
  • الأصدار الحالي: 2020.33
  • تقييم الكبار: 17+
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  • مطور: Bradley Mackey
  • التوافق: يتطلب أصدار iOS 13.0 أو أحدث .
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>> Autocart only works with some select websites >> Please see our Terms of Use before purchasing >> FEATURES • The lowest-cost, all-in-one automatic ordering solution • Full store directory for supported stores (including upcoming items!) • See all the features and functionality of the app before you decide to purchase • Accessible and honest, one-time purchase for a lifetime unlock • Pay once, unlock on ANY device signed into your same Apple ID for no additional charge! • No complex setup, just pick your items and go • Store inventory status monitor • Order currently available and upcoming items at the same time, in the same order (save on shipping costs) • Full store listings just before new items become available (for supported stores) • Supports multiple store regions (if supported by store) • Important updates directly in the order page, so we can alert you to certain conditions, changes or key advice quickly • Report a issue to developers right from the app, so we can help you as fast as possible • Automatic restart to retry the order if an error occurs >> SAFE & SECURE • No login or credentials required, your orders remain totally anonymous and private • Personal details are only ever stored on your device, in secure storage, and only ever sent to the websites you choose at checkout time • Choose to stop the bot instantly by pressing "Stop" or leaving the app • Option to nuke all your saved data in one click >> CUSTOMIZE SELECTED ITEMS • Select item sizing on a per-item basis • Item backup sizings on a per-item basis (if your selected size goes out of stock) • Select item style on a per-item basis • Item backup style on a per-item basis (if you selected style goes out of stock) • Multiple items can be added to your cart, which will all be ordered at once • Multiple webstore region support (select stores only) >> HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE • Change the app icon to best match your homescreen • Disable images & ad tracking on certain pages for faster page loading • Disable web styles (CSS) for faster loading times • Item drop time & headstart (specify a time to start the bot and how soon it should headstart refresh) • Cart mode, so you can review the cart before payment completes • Require full order, so the bot will cancel the order if it can't order everything in the basket • Privacy mode (hides your personal details when showing the bot to others, such as on video) • Slow mode (monitor the behaviour of the bot if you like) • Stop on out-of-stock (either terminate the bot if an item is out of stock or keep going with the order anyway) • Out of stock fallback (choose which other styles/colors/model to try to add to basket if your favourites are unavailable) • Fast failsafes to ignore items that will not load or are badly formed (set "Require Full Order to "Off") • Checkout delay (±0.1s), the time the bot waits before clicking the Checkout button • Add to cart delay (±0.1s), the time the bot waits before adding items to the cart • Link click delay (±0.1s), this delay will be applied before the bot performs any action • Max attempt item (±0.2s), forces the bot to stop trying to order an item if it is taking too long. • Custom delay to start the bot (bot will start at the exact, custom time you have selected) >> CUSTOMIZE OUT-OF-STOCK BEHAVIOUR • Select a backup size • Select a backup style • This will be selected if your preferred choice is out-of-stock • Choose whether size or style is the preferred metric, we search for the backup according to this preference and add the best-matched item to the cart • Choose backups on a per-item basis • Automatic restart to retry the order if an error occurs >> PLATFORM • Supports iPhone and iPad • Native and optimised for iOS 14

لقطات الشاشة


  • No usable websites

    By Nephariouz
    Didn't seem to support any websites I tried
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    By Reshon Glashby
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  • Supported sites

    By fjjjjjfjdirjfjrb
    What are the supported sites besides supreme?
  • Will not verify purchase

    By coupal24
    And no stores are supported in us
  • Didn’t work

    By Sektah84
    Tried it last week for the BOGO drop and had no luck. I needed up checking out manually via the app smh.
  • More websites

    By Landen3204
    Supreme is good , but we definitely need a lot more than that sorry....
  • Bruh

    By JohnShoe21
    I was finna unlock it but a day later they raised the price smh
  • Can’t use

    By holdjy
    It won’t verify the website so I can’t even get to the bot. Bought for nothing pretty much, I’ve tried everything so if you guys can help I’d appreciate it
  • Question

    By rdrew 300
    If I buy this do I have to have to be on the app the whole time before the drop ?
  • not very good

    By faubfujj
    bit works fast, but when you add upcoming items, the bot won’t add to cart and will just say waiting